Monday, January 6, 2014

This blog that i am writing about talks on all alternative and rock genre songs. It rooted from my own taste of music and made me addicted to it. The feeling of complexity and eagerness to hear a single song; may it be alternative or rock genres makes my day complete. the hard strum of guitar, the heartbreaking beat of drums and awesome voice from the vocalist are my sweet addiction. Because of this everyday routine, it made me become a music analyst; i can easily tell if a song belonged to my favorite genre. Oftentimes, i got frustrated from other people’s own mentality that this music genres are unethical and are against God’s will. These also leads into thinking that the people who liked these type of genres are considered worst. But this pieces of wrong information only leads them to worst judging. All of us has our own passion; May it be for food, music, sports etc. and we felt comfortable by that.

Isn’t it annoying to know that someone overly judging your whole being just from your own taste of music? It’s totally horrible! But still, we can’t always please everybody for thinking those things, those wrong beliefs and we are not either responsible for giving such deep explanation for them to understand. So, to those people who has the same passion as mine, “Let’s rock on! Don’t let anybody get in our way and steal our happiness”. After all, it's only us who has all the control over ourselves. This addictive and extreme passion for music started when a friend of mine played a set of alternative songs. it was my very first time to hear them and i felt uncomfortable. i find them "too noisy and rebellious". Sometimes, i was mistaken the alternative songs to be just the same as punk and “emo” genres. i dont want to be too judgmental so i tried to hear the brighter side of it. And found out that these genres are not worst as i ever thought it could be. Day by day, i am getting addicted to them, i love listening to them and sometimes i caught myself singing along with them. Since then, i started knowing the people behind my favorite bands and all. it also lead me to knowing more bands of the same genre; playing their soundtracks and latest albums that were already out in the music stores. i was officially hooked on it since then.